Myopia Control in Lambertville, MI

myopia control

Myopia Control in Lambertville

Myopia is just another term for nearsighted- or shortsightedness. The condition affects about 42 percent of all Americans and is the sixth leading cause of vision loss. The demand for myopia treatment has emerged worldwide. It is now one of the top five ocular conditions listed as an immediate priority by the WHO’s Global Initiative for the Elimination of Avoidable Blindness. Two billion people had myopia in 2010, it is estimated that by 2020, that number will soar up to 2.6 billion.

Pinnacle Eye Group of Lambertville Group with moderate to high myopia are more likely to have severe vision challenges and ocular disorders. It has been shown that myopia patients are:

  • Close to 300 percent more likely to develop glaucoma

  • At a 1000 percent increased risk of a retinal detachment

  • At greater risk for retinal tears or retinal holes

  • More likely to develop macular degeneration

Signs of myopia begin to surface in school-aged kids and tend to progress through young adulthood. The goal of myopia control in Lambertville is to limit the development of the condition and minimize the impact. The sooner myopia treatment begins, the greater success is achieved.

Myopia Treatment

We use three proven myopia treatments for managing the progression of nearsightedness. Early intervention is the key.

Since each patient is unique, there is no single approach that works best for all. Therefore, treatment begins with a myopia control consultation to create the best-specialized plan to improve your case.

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