Benefits of Orthokeratology for Myopia Control


Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is the most common refractive eye condition in the world and the number of people being diagnosed with myopia has grown rapidly during the last decade.  Patients who have myopia are able to see objects close to their eyes fairly easily, but struggle to see those that are at a distance clearly, experiencing blurriness and difficulty focusing. There isn’t a definitive reason exactly why the number of people being diagnosed with myopia continues to grow so quickly. However, an increased amount of time spent indoors, and excessive screen time are believed to be contributing factors.


The most well-known treatments for myopia are glasses and contact lenses, and whilst these are very successful, they are not without compromise. Some people dislike having to remember to take their glasses with them when they go anywhere, whilst others find they cannot participate in the activities that they would like to as they cannot wear glasses at the same time – think boxing or swimming. And the issues don’t stop with glasses. Contact lenses aren’t suitable for every patient either. It could be that you have eye allergies or dry eye syndrome that makes it impossible for you to wear them, or you work in a dusty or dry environment that makes wearing contacts uncomfortable. Some patients who are unhappy with glasses and contact lenses have turned to laser vision correction. However, many have their own reservations about this treatment, and some do not want the finality that comes with laser vision correction. Fortunately, there is a new, effective and convenient alternative – Orthokeratology, Ortho-K for short that not only enables patients to see clearly without prescription aids, but that can also prevent the progression of myopia.


What is Orthokeratology?


Orthokeratology, Ortho-K, makes it possible for patients to see clearly throughout the day without needing to rely on corrective glasses or contact lenses. This technique involves wearing special contact lenses that gently reshape your cornea whilst you sleep, correcting your refractive eye error. Since the cornea can maintain this shape for a number of hours after the lenses are removed, patients can then benefit from clear vision for up to 24 hours without needing to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses.


However, in addition to enabling patients to see clearly, Ortho-K is also a highly successful treatment for controlling patient myopia and preventing it from progressing and leading to more severe vision problems.


Why is Myopia Control so Important?


Myopia control should be a priority for any patient who suffers from the condition. This is because research has shown that patients who have moderate to severe myopia are more likely to develop other problems with their eyes in the future. Many of these problems are significant enough to cause debilitating symptoms and affect your long-term vision.


Some of the eye conditions that are more likely if you suffer from myopia include:

  • Glaucoma

  • Cataracts

  • Macular degeneration

  • Retinal detachment

  • Keratoconus

By getting your myopia under control as early as possible, you could prevent further deterioration of your vision as well as reducing your risk of these serious eye conditions.


Many people are also pleased to discover that Ortho-K can be used by children who have myopia to prevent the progression of their condition too. The use of Ortho-K can typically begin at around age 8 or 9, but your eye doctor will be able to advise you further.


Benefits of Ortho-K for Myopia Control


Some of the core benefits of using Ortho-K for myopia control include:

  • A painless and non-invasive treatment

  • You wear the lenses whilst you sleep, ensuring you have no inconvenience

  • The lenses are created using cutting edge mapping technology, guaranteeing a perfect and comfortable fit that will not disrupt your sleep

  • Treatment is tailored to your individual requirements

  • The effects of Ortho-K can last as long as a full day

  • There are no significant risks associated with the treatment

  • Ortho-K is much more affordable than laser vision solutions

  • Patient vision will return to normal once Ortho-K is discontinued

  • Ortho-K has shown to be effective at slowing the progression of myopia

  • When using Ortho-K for myopia control, you reduce your risk of a wide range of potentially serious eye conditions



If you would like to find out more about the Orthokeratology and its benefits for myopia control, please don’t delay in contacting our eye care experts in Lambertville, MI who will be happy to help.

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