Vision and Night Driving

Vision and Night Driving

There’s no doubt about it. Many people feel safer driving during the day than they do at night – even if they have perfect vision! At Pinnacle Eye Group, we understand the dangers of night and offer the following information so you can understand how to make this once unpleasant experience a little easier on the eyes.

Understanding the Challenges of Driving at Night

The roads in and around Lambertville, MI look very different at night than they do during the day. Between the darkened surroundings and the glare of oncoming headlights, many drivers experience challenges that can momentarily blind them to the curves of the road or obstacles in their way. And even if you think you know the roads well enough to navigate in these conditions, there are other drivers on the road who may not.

How Aging Introduces New Difficulties

It’s a natural occurrence. As we grow older, our night vision will worsen. This happens because we have fewer light-sensitive cells in our eyes to distinguish between light and dark. Other vision conditions such as astigmatism – a condition that affects peripheral vision and depth perception — can also contribute to our ability to see at night.

Some Handy Aids to Night Driving

For those of you who are experiencing mild to moderate difficulties with night driving, there is one solution you can try at home to make things easier – keep your windshield and windows as clean as possible and make sure your headlights aren’t fogged over. But for those of you who still struggle to drive at night, it might be best to adjust your schedules to include as much daytime driving as possible to avoid eye fatigue and dangers that come with night driving.

Recognizing Changes in Your Eyesight

If you’ve noticed any changes in your eyesight at night, such as a halo effect or eye fatigue, you may be experiencing the early symptoms of eye problems. Rather than continue to struggle through the challenges of night driving, it’s best to make an eye appointment with an eyecare professional like Pinnacle Eye Group so you can learn whether or not there’s treatment available to help remedy the concern.

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