Eye Treatments in Lambertville, MI

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Common Eye Disorders

Eye disorders in Lambertville cover a wide range of conditions and diseases that impact proper eye function. Most people experience some sort of minor eye issue from time to time, and vision tends to decline with age. Unfortunately, various eye disorders can go undiagnosed until the damage is irreversible, and sometimes untreatable because many people neglect to keep up with regular eye exams.

  • Eye Injuries: Corneal abrasion, foreign object in the eye, a caustic substance in the eye, swelling, bleeding, inflammation of the iris (colored portion of the eye), etc.

  • Glaucoma: Increased pressure, blurry vision and a cloudy film over the eye. There are often no symptoms until the disease has advanced.

  • Corneal ulcers: An open sore on the cornea, often caused by infection.

  • Styes: An infection caused by a blocked oil gland on the eyelid, characterized by a red bump.

  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Pink eye results when the conjunctiva (the protective outer membrane that covers the eye surface and inner lid) is irritated by allergies or infection. Symptoms include red, swollen eyes with a sticky discharge. Conjunctivitis is either caused by a bacterium or a very contagious viral infection.

If you value your vision it is very important to take proper care of your eye health and visit your optometrist in Lambertville regularly. A clear vision allows you to have a better quality of life and appreciate all that surrounds you.

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