The impact of technology in the blink of an eye

The impact of technology in the blink of an eye

Technology surrounds each one of us on a daily basis. While it is mainly a beneficial thing, it can have a few consequences as well. Children alone spend up to 7.5 hours of their day staring at a screen on average. This can greatly affect our health, particularly our fragile eyes. How is technology affecting more Americans eyesight?

The more an individual stares back at a screen, the greater strain is put on their eyes. This means they begin to blink less which causes the eye to dry out. Blinking is vital in naturally cleaning out the surface of the eye from debris and adding back protective oils which help us to see clearly. A lot can happen in just a blink of an eye!

Increased Susceptibility to Dry Eye Disease

Unfortunately, there is an increased risk for dry eye disease by staring at a screen for long periods of time. With an increase in technologies for both adults and children, optometrists all over the country have found more and more patients with dry eye disease and more visual problems.

A Healthy Blink Rate

As previously mentioned, blinking helps to get rid of debris along the lids of the eyes and the openings of glands. Blinking less actually causes the Meibomian glands to not work properly and effectively. It eventually causes the oils to harden.

Check for MGD

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is another leading cause of dry eye disease. Regardless of what may be harming your vision and eyes, it is important to learn of the symptoms of different issues such as MGD. This allows you and your optometrist to quickly check and treat problems that may arise. Contact Pinnacle Eye Group today for your next eye exam!

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