The Fix for Dry Eyes

The Fix for Dry Eyes

For many that suffer from different eye conditions, it is normal for us to think that dry eye situations can be blamed on contacts, certain eye drops, or even our glasses. Our optometrists can all agree, however, that dry eye is actually its own dry eye syndrome. In the following article, we will discuss the fix for our dry eyes, and how it can help us see, and view our future brighter than ever before.

The Eyes Have It

Within our eyes, there are few sources of moisture. Is the lacrimal gland in the upper outer quadrant of our eyes. This gland produces buckets of tears when crying or when something gets in your eye. The other sources of moisture include the networks of glands embedded in the conjunctiva and the glands at the edge of our eyes that produce oily substances. When water, mucus, and oil from all three sources make up the tear film on our eye surface, with each blank we re-apply a new wet surface.

No More Tears?

There are a few reasons as to why our dry eye syndrome becomes more and more problematic. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons:

  • Older age
  • Side effects for medication
  • Eye surgery
  • Contact Lens Use
  • Underlying conditions such as thyroid problems or other health conditions

Dry eye syndrome is most often felt or seen with symptoms that include a feeling of grittiness in the eye and burning.

Don’t Let Dry Eyes Go Untreated

To best take care of your eyes and relieve discomfort, it is important that you don’t let dry eyes go untreated. If you are patient that makes enough tears but still has dry eye symptoms, we recommend using a warm compress, or gently massaging your eye to stimulate the oil glands on the lid margins. For those that don’t make enough tears, artificial tears, medicines that increase your production and in-office procedures to fix blocked ear drainage can be of great help.

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