6 Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses Instead of Glasses

6 Reasons to Wear Contact Lenses Instead of Glasses

If you are a long-time eyeglasses wearer who is still unsure about switching to contact lenses, consider this useful guide to help point you in the right direction. Some people use both, while others are sticklers for one or the other.

But, even today, some people shy away from trying contacts due to the common misconceptions. Contact lenses are safe to wear and with the proper care, potential issues can be easily avoided.

If you have always preferred eyeglasses, and have never tried to wear contacts, you might want to expand your options after reviewing the following six reasons.

  • They’re Great for Active People
  • Avid athletes and otherwise active individuals find that contact lenses are more efficient eyesight correction. There is no risk of them falling out, slipping around the face or breaking. Only on rare occasion do contacts release from the eye surface. This typically occurs when a wearer aggressively rubs their eyes.

    In addition, contact lenses won’t interfere with protective sports gear like goggles, helmets or caps.

  • Clearer Vision
  • Contacts conform to the natural curvature of the eye, providing a wide field of vision and a comfortable fit. Unlike glasses, contacts are not affected by weather changes such as rain, fog and humid conditions that can steam up your lenses. You also won’t have to worry about scratches.

  • You Can Get Creative
  • If you want a temporary new look, contacts are available in lots of different shades that allow you to change your eye color. Whether you want a subtle change or a bold transformation, brands like Air Optix, Acuvue and FreshLook are sure to have the right colored lenses for you.

  • You Don’t Have to Compromise on Style
  • While there are many stylish eyewear designs that will surely complement your look, they can also be problematic, especially if you like to wear makeup.

    Light reactive lenses are a popular choice for people who wear glasses because they offer sun protection, However, specialized eyeglasses are also expensive. Sunglasses are available in a wider range of fashionable designs.

  • Comfort
  • You can be fitted for contacts that suit the most complex eye prescriptions. Toric lenses allow patients with astigmatism to wear contacts, and multifocal lenses work well for those who require several prescriptions in one. There are even options for people with extra sensitive, dry eyes.

  • Life Is Just Easier
  • There are so many things that are easier to do when glasses aren’t in the way, like kissing, swimming, roller coaster riding, and taking selfies without glare! Aren’t all these great reasons to give contact lenses a try?

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