5 Common Vision Therapy Myths & Facts

5 Common Vision Therapy Myths & Facts

When it comes to eye care and treatment, there are many myths surrounding the industry. Unfortunately for some patients, these myths can actually deter them from seeking the treatment they desperately need. At Pinnacle Eye Group, we are dedicated to providing our community with the best eye care in Lambertville, MI, including educating our patients. Today, we’re discussing common myths and facts about vision therapy, we hope you learn something new!

Vision Therapy is Only Useful for Kids

Although it is true that children should be regularly examined for any eye/vision issues, it is completely false that vision therapy is only useful for children. Children do respond very well to vision therapy, however, it can be just as effective for teens and even adults. Certain disorders, regardless of age may not be treatable, however.

No Research on Vision Therapy Exists

Another completely false myth about the vision industry! There are many studies that have been performed in leading research institutions around the United States that have verified that vision therapy is in fact effective.

Vision Therapy is Expensive

Many people think that vision therapy has to be expensive and that is completely wrong! While many healthcare plans do not cover vision therapy, there are vision insurance plans that exist that can help to reduce cost. Third-party financing is also an option for many patients these days, allowing them to receive treatment now and pay for it monthly.

Glasses/Contacts Can Fix Anything

While it would be amazing, unfortunately, glasses and contacts cannot fix any vision problem. Vision therapy is effective in correcting visual perception problems and even eye tracking. Certain visual therapy exercises can even make permanent changes to a patient’s vision.

Only Surgery Can Fix Vision Problems

With the advancement of vision surgery, more and more patients believe that is the only option for correcting vision problems, this, however, is also not the case. While surgery can correct certain vision problems, other vision problems do not react to therapy at all.

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