Comprehensive Eye Exams in Lambertville, MI

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Comprehensive Exams in Lambertville

Comprehensive exams in Lambertville are designed to assess eye health and evaluate vision. Your Pinnacle Eye Group of Lambertville doctor will look closely for signs of ocular disease or vision disorders. A series of evaluations will be conducted to assess sight and eye health, including pupil dilation to allow for a closer look at the retina and other internal eye structures. When concerns are identified, more testing may be needed to pinpoint the root cause, and to determine the most effective treatment approach.

Before a comprehensive exam, a complete health history is taken. Any eyesight issues or problematic symptoms will be discussed. This includes any pain or discomfort that directly affects vision, such as chronic headaches.

How Often Should I Have A Comprehensive Exam?

The rule of thumb for adults is to undergo a comprehensive exam annually, or every 1-3 years, depending on your specific needs. Older patients typically should be seen every year to screen for signs of age-related eye diseases that rob focus and lead to vision loss. Young people with no family or personal history of vision problems can generally have exams every three years up until age 40. A child’s first comprehensive eye exam should be completed by six months of age, again around three years, and then prior to starting first grade. These are the times to look for budding vision and eye health concerns that may interfere with learning and other aspects of life. In addition, routine eye exams should be performed throughout the school years to watch for problems and treat any concerns while a child’s eyes are developing.

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