Top Causes of Blurred Vision

These days, children in the very early stages of their lives, sometimes as early as single-digit years of age, are getting prone to blurred vision.

The key reason behind the blurred vision is when the lenses in the eye are unable to contract and expand in the right degree and at the right time. Experts at Pinnacle Eye Group have found that this is the exact reason why people need prescription lenses as they assist your lens in helping you see both what’s distant and what’s close.

That said, it remains to be seen, which causes blurred vision beyond the lens contraction-expansion problem.

Common causes of blurred vision

The most common causes of blurred vision are the ones that do not pose serious harm in the short run, but if not take care of, it can cause damage in the long run. These can be results of inefficiencies in human behavior or other common errors we make. Some common causes of blurred vision are:

  1. Sleeping with your contact lenses: This can cause you to have some seriously blurred vision. Although it is a known fact that sleeping with your contact lenses is a rather difficult task, many of us have committed this honest mistake. The solution is to take your lenses as soon as you find out, clean them and rinse your eyes.

  2. You need prescription glasses: A non-alarming reason can be that now is the time you need prescription glasses.

  3. Pre-diagnosed migraine and sleep deficiency: If you already have any of these conditions, blurred vision is a temporary issue that comes along and usually gets treated by the medicines of these issues themselves.

When blurred vision is a symptom of serious illness

  1. Aging and optic nerve damage.

  2. High blood sugar or diabetes.

  3. Preeclampsia: This applies to pregnant women who are beyond their 20 weeks into the pregnancy. It can be diagnosed if you suddenly start gaining weight, have shoulder pain, is all of sudden experiencing blood pressure and are watching patterns form in front of your eyes. See a doctor, as soon as possible, if you feel these conditions.