Has your child’s prescription gotten stronger year after year?

Has your child’s prescription gotten stronger year after year?

It is sad that with the advent of time, kids are getting vulnerable to many sorts of complex diseases or disorders. Myopia is an example of such complex disorder. Myopia is basically an eye disorder, which can happen to both kids and adults. In simple words, myopia is actually nearsightedness. The recent phenomenon of increasing number of myopia affected patients throughout the world is known as myopic epidemic. According to the researchers, almost one third population of the USA has been found to be victims of shortsighted vision. It is important to grow awareness on this disorder in order to possibly decrease the risk factors for myopia.

What are the possible risks of myopia?

Myopia has been noted as progressive disorder. That means nearsightedness tends to increase with growing age. Thus, a person who becomes victim of myopia at tender age will find greater vision issues with growing age. Generally, it has been said that people face eyesight problems after 40 years of age. Myopia patients will face eyesight issues even before reaching 40 years of age. Along with the age, ethnicity is also a factor in case of this eye disorder. It has been found that people in Southeast Asia are more vulnerable to myopia than others ethnic people around the world.

Myopia can also be a disorder that comes to kids from their parents. Probably, this is the reason why myopia is a growing problem these days. Shortsighted vision has become problems for small kids, even when they are at the age of 3-5 years. Behind such occurrence, genetic transmission of the disease can be held responsible. Spending long time at outdoor on daily basis is also be reason for myopia. Due to pollutants, nearsighted vision happens. Working in front of digital screen, like computer, Smartphone and tablets, is also a reason behind shortsightedness. In such cases, using soft multifocal contact lenses can be helpful. You can find possible treatment of this disorder at Pinnacle Eye Group of Lambertville.

Treatment of Myopia

Progression of myopia can be restricted to some extent through Orthokeratology treatment. To know about it, you can check Pinnacle Eye Group of Lambertville. For kids and adults, low-dose atropine pharmaceutical drops can also be prescribed to limit the rapid progression nearsightedness.