Eye Emergencies That Require an Eye Doctor

Accidents and injuries can affect any part of our body, including our eyes. Unsurprisingly, our eyes are extremely delicate and complex, and any sort of injury has the potential to have severe consequences for our eyes and vision. For this reason, it’s important to always take any sort of eye injury very seriously and to consult with your eye doctor as to whether you require emergency treatment. 


Here are some of the top eye emergencies that should always be assessed by your eye doctor. 


Corneal abrasions

Better known as a scratched cornea, this eye injury can arise if you are accidentally or purposefully poked in the eye. You can also suffer from scratches to the surface of your cornea if a foreign particle such as dust or grit gets into your eye, and you then rub it to try and alleviate the pain or irritation. Your affected eye will feel very sore and uncomfortable, red and even watery. Your vision is also likely to be impaired.  


Unfortunately, any scratches to the cornea create open wounds which put your eye at risk of infection, especially if you touch it. This is because you could potentially transfer harmful microorganisms from your fingers to your eyes. You should cover your eye with a paper cup or eye shield until your eye doctor can take a look at your injury. 


Foreign object in the eye

This is one of the most common reasons for an emergency visit to any eye doctor. Penetrative injuries or a foreign body becoming lodged in the eye can be disastrous for our vision. Don’t be tempted to rub your eye to clear it or even to try and flush it out. Doing so or trying to remove it yourself could actually cause even greater injury. It could even have permanent consequences. Instead, place an eye shield or paper cut over the eye and visit your emergency eye doctor as soon as you can. 


Chemical burns to the eye

Having a chemical substance in the eye is a surprisingly common accident. You may have the nozzle the wrong way around on a bottle of cleaning solution, drip solution into your eye or you could even transfer chemical substances on your hands to your eyes by failing to wash them before you touch your eye. Any chemical burn to the eyes is a serious concern as they have the potential to permanently affect your vision.  


If you accidentally get chemicals into your eye, run a steady stream of lukewarm tap water into it for up to 15 minutes. You should refrain from touching it while you do this, except to potentially hold your eye open if needed. While rinsing your eye, ask a friend or family member who is with you to contact our emergency eye clinic for you. If you are alone, call your eye doctor as soon as you are done rinsing your eye. They will ask you about the substance that has got into your eye and advise you if you need to come in to be seen. 


Sudden, severe pain

Any sort of eye pain is usually indicative of a problem. In most cases, a little discomfort will resolve itself without any intervention. However, if you suddenly start to experience severe eye pain, especially if it is accompanied by headaches, visual disturbances, or nausea/vomiting, you should see your eye doctor as a matter of urgency. These are signs of acute glaucoma, which could permanently damage your vision if left untreated. 



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