Anti-Reflective Coatings: Worth the Cost?

The anti-reflective coating known as AR or anti-glare coating can be beneficial for your vision. It’s added to the eyeglasses for reducing the glare caused by the light hitting the back of the lenses. This invention improves vision and makes the eyeglasses more attractive visually says optometrist in Lambertville, MI.

History of AR Coatings

The anti-reflective technology is quite old and it has come a long way. Years ago the coating may have been more of a problem than solutions. The issues included cleaning, peeling coating, and frequent scratching. This made people shy away from these glasses. They did not want to deal with the constant problem of cleaning and scratching with the glasses. However, the AR coating has now seen many improvements and glasses without glare are worth the money.

New and Improved

The new generation of AR coating is tough, durable, and provides superior vision. The AR coating is not actually a coating but it is fused on to the lens matrix, unlike the past versions. The newer generation AR coating contains chemicals that make them hydrophobic which mean the lens surface will reduce adhesion of grease and water. This helps in keeping the lens cleaner for a longer duration and easy to clean when they become dirty.

The Science Behind Anti-reflective Coating

The AR was first developed to enhance and improve the view on high-powered telescopes, microscopes, and camera lenses. AR coating is composed of multiple layers of the metal oxides applied either on the front or sometime on the back surface of the lens. The layering effect reduces the light and allows more light to be transmitted through the lens.

What Does This Do to Eyeglasses?

It improves the appearance of the eyes to the outside world. Also, the AR coating makes the lenses appear almost invisible suggests the eye care specialist in MI 48144. It improves the cosmetic appearance of wearing lenses as the internal reflection is reduced in the lens and it appears much thinner.

If you are an eye glass wearer, the AR coating glasses are a must for you.