How Do Our Eyes Compare with Cameras?

How Do Our Eyes Compare with Cameras?

How frustrating is it when you want to take a picture of the moon because it looks so big and beautiful, but when you take the snap it doesn’t come out exactly as you saw it. While eyes and cameras have a lot of similarities in terms of functionality, but there are many differences between them.

Organic Aperture: The Iris

When we adjust or control the amount of light being let through the lens of our camera, we manipulate the aperture. In our eyes, our iris functions as our aperture. The iris is in control of relaxing or straining the pupil letting in less or more light.

Our Lenses Are More Flexible Than a Camera’s

The lenses in our eyes can physically change shape, something a camera cannot do. The change of shape is to focus on objects at different distances. A camera’s lens is rigid, meaning you have to physically move the lens forward or back. While our eyes have a single lens each, cameras can have multiple images to sharpen photos.

Subjective Versus Objective Imaging

Taking a picture with a camera means we are taking an objective image of a single instant in time, but our eyes can only see these kinds of images in the center of our vision even though it doesn’t seem that way since our eyes are always moving.

Our Eyes Have Superior Dynamic Range

Our dynamic range within our eyes is unparalleled. When we compare the way we see during hours of the day with intense sunlight to dark parts of the night, our eyes are able to fully adjust. There are no cameras on the market today that have as great of a range as our eyes do.

Make Sure Your Eyes Get the Care They Need!

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