A Look Inside How a Contact Lens Works To Improve Vision

A Look Inside How a Contact Lens Works To Improve Vision

Speaking on behalf of my own experience, when placing a contact lens in my eye, I have often questioned how a small piece of plastic is able to transform my view of the world. In this article, we will discuss and take a look inside how contact lenses work to improve our vision.

How The Eye Works

In order to understand how contact lenses work, it’s important to know how the eye works. When light reflects off of an object, it passes through our cornea and pupil, and then the light is able to pass through the lens, focusing the rays on the retina at the back of the eye. Our retinas are full of rods and cones that convert light into impulses that are then sent to the brain. Blurred vision occurs because of refractive errors.

How Contacts Fix Refractive Errors

Contacts are used to fix refractive errors focusing the light on our retina. Based on different eye conditions, your optometrist will recommend different kinds of contact lenses.


Myopia is a condition in which far objects appear blurry and close objects are clear. This often occurs when light enters the eye without the incorrectly focus based on the shape of one’s eye. This condition is very common and can easily be corrected with standard contacts.


This is the opposite of myopia in which near objects appear blurry and far objects are clear. This condition also uses standard contacts.


This is often an age-related condition that causes near objects to be blurry. However, presbyopia stems from a different cause. The hardening of the lens in the eye ultimately happens as everyone gets older, and this condition can be corrected by using a multifocal contact lens.


Astigmatism, also common, is a condition that occurs when the eye does not focus light evenly onto the retina due to irregular shaped corneas or lenses. To correct this, special type of contact lens called a toric is needed.

Thanks to modern advancements in contact lenses, advanced research and technology have improved contact lens designs and lens material. If you still have questions about contact lenses or would like to know if you are the right candidate for contact lenses, contact us at the Pinnacle Eye Group in Lambertville, MI.

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